Brain Science for Automotive Innovation

NeuroMotive aims at the development of a service in Traction Control for automotive, offering innovative, practical and effective solutions, building upon the capacity of the Human Brain Project NeuroRobotics Platform (NRP) to synthesize sophisticated neural control laws.

The combined use of our Testbed and AI Platform allows automated learning of High-Fidelity Dynamical Car Models, high performance Traction Controllers, safe testing of DDT Controllers for driving automation.

Cutting-edge Brain Tech for Automotive Industry

NeuroMotive provides a tailor-made service for automotive that exploits the synergy between the repeatable testing conditions afforded by the Hardware in the Loop infrastructure and cutting-edge AI Tools for Machine Learning to support the automated development of high-performance Traction Controllers, and of Dynamical Models for precise emulation of the car’s road behavior (Numerical Twin for DDT).

  • Automotive Hardware in  the Loop Infrastructure provides a controlled environment supporting precise, repeatable testing conditions, and automation of data-set generation for Deep-Learning.
  • Cutting-edge AI platform, NeuroRobotics Platform (NRP), supports AI Libraries (e.g. TensorFlow, NNabla), Neural Engines (NEST, Nengo), Virtual Twin functions, robust suite of model ID and control tools.


Automotive HiL test setup @ TUM

Automotive HiL test setup at TUM

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