NeuroMotive envisions the development of tailor-made services for the automotive industry, access to bleeding-edge Brain Technology developed in the HBP Flagship, Deep Learning, AI, Control, System Identification:

  • Tools for AI & Machine Learning: Neural Controller development and tuning, Model Identification / Virtual Twin using the NeuroRobotics Platform Tool Suite. The platform directly supports controller synthesis, and machine/deep learning: tuning, adaptation of model parameters and control gains.
  • Access to Hardware in the Loop testing Setup: Our Hardware in the Loop automotive setup allows for control-function tuning, validation and performance assessment.  The integration of the considered vehicle within the testing setup allows physical emulation of a wide range of road conditions for any car connected.
  • Expertise in AI and Control: Collection of drive-test data representative of the vehicle’s dynamical road-behavior, and use of that data to develop a representative, high-accuracy dynamical model. Construction of the model structure and numerical implementation, with tuning based on supplied data is pursued using deep learning, as supported by the NRP.

Neuromotive HiL setup @ TUM

NeuroMotive HiL test setup at TUM